jeaniene frost

Wow! Wow! Wow! I seriously feel like my Paranormal Romance readers-friends have been holding out on me with these books! This author is creeping up to my top five list very, very fast!

This book gives me everything I look for in a book... feisty little spunky leading lady... swoon-worthy, hot man candy leading man... adventure with just enough blood & guts that lights up my sick-twisted paranormal world mixed with just the right amount of carefree-smutty romance.

I am trying to pace myself with this series but it's hard! All I want to do is read, read, read! I'm going to be starting book three next, so I am trying to squeeze another book in between each book of the series, that way I can take my time with this series. Easier said than done ; )

abbi glines

If you haven't read Abbi Gline before, then you are seriously missing out! I read Existence months ago when I first bought my Kindle. I somehow stuck the rest of her books under the to-read stack and forgot about them. I saw a bunch of people reading the Vincent Boys/Brothers and had to reconnect with this amazing author!

I am so happy that I did because I read all three of these and loved them each! They are all so different and will make you want to pull your hair out one minute and scream with fury the next. Just a whirlwind of emotions that keep you going up until the last page.

If you like books like Callum & Harper - Thomas & January - Fragile - Going Under - then you will totally love Abbi Gline's books!

amy miles

This book was interesting... I didn't love it nor did I hate it. It was somewhere in between. It really just depends on the top of person you are and what kind of things you like to read.

The one thing that I did like about this book is how the girl was the flake! Well that's kind of annoying in any book but this was refreshing because the girl was the one running away from the drama and heartbreak.

kirsty moseley

If you read books like Almost or Scars or Beautiful Disaster then you will love books like this one!

It's raw and vivid. You have to be able to handle what you don't want to hear when you read this book. It's not the everyday love story but then at the same time it is.

It's everything you love in a contemporary romance book with all the drama & stress of a realistic love story. It's a great book that will leave you touched because of it. Opens your eyes to the power of love. Not only the power to heal and protect but also that power love has to destroy and suppress. 

kim harrison

I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It was okay at best. Just not my cup of tea and I can't decide if I'll read any more of the series. I hear great things but I just can't get into it. I am drawn more towards the Paranormal Romance genre but I also like just everyday Paranormal/Urban Fantasy. This book didn't have enough of any one thing to keep me fully involved in this series. I wanted to like it more than I did but I just couldn't.

Might be a great book for others but just wasn't the one for me. Not enough sexual tension or love interest. There was adventure but at parts I felt bored with it? And I love a good witch but I prefer the ones who can make things happen with chants and spells - this breed of witch was more about amulets and charms. Just not for me, sorry!

I'm trying but it's just not happening for me

I am reading these 3 books in between my others. I've never done that before. Typically if I get bored I just stop reading it because I don't want to waste time on it. Or I keep strong and finish the book so I can make a decision of how I really feel about a book.
Wrecked - I love Elle Casey! But this book just isn't working for me. Too many point of views and just unrealistic. And I don't mean the shipwrecked part, I just mean the characters. I can't like any of them and can't understand them or why they do what they do.

Water - A good book blogger friend told me about this one and I am trying to get into it as well and I'm struggling. When I talked to her about it she had similar hangups but said that their is a twist that will blow me a way. I promised to see it through because now I have to know what happens. Same problems with this book as I do with Wrecked. I just don't connect to the characters and it just doesn't seem realistic to me. Yeah, even paranormal has limitations in my world. If it's not believable even for a book that's out there then it's really hard to understand. It's one thing to build a fantasy world and make it connect and it's another to half-ass build a fantasy world and give me reasons to doubt it.

Possessed - This is Book 3 in the series and I have been dying for this one to release. I don't know if too much time has passed in between reading Book 2 & Book 3 or if my taste has changed? This one just seems repetitive and dull. I am hoping it picks up but I'm worried it's not going to.


07/20/2012 10:58pm

yeah, in hindsight, I think recommending the hollows to you wasn't a good idea. It really isn't your thing. I still think the first and second book are really one book put together, but why would you pay for a book if you didn't like first one? She does actually change her "witchness" as the books progress . . . ALOT actually. and the second book as a couple of steamy scenes (a sex and a make out seen). but I totally get why you didn't like it. Sorry!

And I can't believe I didn't recommend the night huntress books to you! They are SO YOU! I really like the books. I am a HUGE fan of vlad, although his spin off book was a bit of a disappointment. I love Ian and Slade too :) and who doesn't love Bones and the way he calls Cat "Kitten". There is a short story from his POV that I love.

I think you will like the chicagoland vampire books if you like the night huntress books. Stuff happens in the last book that annoy me, but I think you will like it a lot:


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