Madly and the Jackal - M. Leighton

This is book 3 in the Madly Series. The first one is a novella and the second one is a full length novel. It is about mermaids and mermen - but they live on and off land like of like the little mermaid, I guess. It's good though. I wasn't a big fan of M. Leighton's vampire book but I took a chance on reading the Madly novella and it was worth it! This series is different than all the others out there. I would recommend any paranormal romance fan to give this series a try. I have been waiting a while for this book to come out so I was so excited to hear it was available of amazon. (i linked the pic and title above) I don't really know how to explain the series really so just read the descriptions. I'm just here to tell you that it is worth reading. I am about 10% into the third book so I will update later on to let you know how it turns out.

Blood Jewel- Georgia Cates
(book 2 of the Vampire Agape series)

This will be the next book on my to-read list. I figured I would finish with the Madly book then read this one as inspiration before going into the editing process on Falling. In case you have never read Georgia Cates, I would highly recommend you start. She also has a book called Going Under that is amazing! This series is her vampire series, obviously. It has more traditional vampires which I prefer. I can't wait to see what happens with the two love interests. Will he turn her into a vampire for her own protection? Hmm... my guess is he will but I haven't read the description or spoilers because I want to be surprised! Georgia Cates is a wonderful writer that I have corresponded with via Goodreads. She is the sweetest, most uplifting author that I have ever met. I told her about my desires to write my book and she was so supportive. She gave me all kind of tips that helped inspire my ambitions. I have even offered to send her a copy of my book to read and she said she would love that. How freaking awesome is that!?!?! It was nice to have such a talented author reach out and help me with my writing. To say the least I was awestruck and flabbergasted by her quick response to my initial e-mail. If you aren't into the whole vampire thing, which I don't know how you couldn't, but her Going Under book is about two high school kids. Normal, regular ol' teens with normal, regular ol' teen issues. Wonderful story and super funny! Trust me, one of the best books I have ever read.

New World Order - Elle Casey
(War of the Fae Book 4)

I finished the last book (for now) and it was amazing! At first I was worried to be completely honest. Everything started change and go in different directions... I was started to get confused and loss. There wasn't as much repetition as in the last book which I grateful appreciated. Everything around the 70% mark started to fall into place and started make sense again. I guess I just had my mind set on one thing and was presently surprised by the sudden change in plot. If you start the series don't let book 3 & 4 slow you down. They lead you to where you need to go and it's worth getting there. There will be a second series that picks up where this series leaves off. I think I saw on her site that the first book was going to be coming out this fall. I will be sure to keep you updated on it's release. The books overall are wonderful to read. Very exciting and ever changing with dry, quick humor rolled into the mix. FUNNY! If nothing else about this series, you can't deny how funny it is. You will be laughing out loud and fall in love with the characters!  



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