Elle Casey - Darkness & Light
(War of the Fae book 3)

I am almost finished reading the third book in the War of the Fae series. I have to be honest and say that the first half of the book bothered me. It wasn't the story line or the characters. I was annoyed with how the author kept repeating herself. In my opinion, if your reader is reading the third book in a series, then they shouldn't have to be retold that same basic things over and over again. Just my opinion though. So about half way through the book it started to pick up and get interesting. I am really enjoying the second half of the book and can't wait to finish and start the forth one.

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Elle Casey - New World Order Amazon Link

Elle Casey - New World Order
(War of the Fae book 4)

I haven't started this one but it is next. The link above will take you to Amazon to buy the book or read the descriptions. Like I've said before, you will not see me doing actual book reviews because I wouldn't know where to begin. I am simply sharing what books I am currently reading and a few random thoughts about it as I read.



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