I had my interview today! Went better than great if you ask me! Over the phone she said I was more than over qualified for the position. During the interview we made small talk and she gave me a tour of the place. Then at the end she went over how the hiring works with the city and that I should hear something either way by Monday. She said, "Don't worry too much though, I like what I see thus far" *wink, wink* Seems like it would be the perfect job for me. A boss who isn't a bitch, another employee who is the "handyman" who won't be in my hair and then me, the receptionist. Its for the city's Arts and Activities center - which translates to: varies rooms, halls, and auditorium for rental to the general public. Easy-smeezy, right? I hope so. I am good with people so I can be a cute, smiling face that directs them around & shows them the venues & promotes our city! If you ask me, sounds drama free and stress free! Two of my favorite things in the whole wide world! I get to work on my own and help with creating flyers and advertising our beautiful little city :D

No nagging, drama-filled hags that make my life hell, No over-bearing, stuck-up snotty boss, & No stressful situations where the citizens are only coming to me to pay a fine, get our of jury duty, or reduce their criminal charges. I love my criminal justice field, don't get me wrong, but you can get burnt out real fast! On a happier note, I was looking at the classifieds and guess what I saw! The bitch formally known as my two-faced, degrading, loud-mouth boss (aka veterinarian i worked for) who over charges and under appreciates her staff and clients/patients all while stealing money from the company... yeah that one, has an ad in the paper for vet tech, receptionist, and kennel tech! I am not a brain surgeon and all but for a one doctor practice with one receptionist and one vet tech and three kennel workers is hiring for all positions I sense a walk out! HAHA... what goes around comes around! I don't like to bad mouth hence why I didn't drop any names but I really hate that woman. She not only degraded me in front of people on a regular basis but she insulted my husband and treated my pets like her own personal piggy bank. Needless to say, it made my day knowing she once again had another massive walk out of employees. When do you think she will realize its not the people working for her but the person running the ship? I know I should feel bad, but I'm sorry to say that I don't. I don't think I've ever hated someone as much as I hate that woman. When your job is to help animals and all you do is hurt them to make a profit, I personal find you sick in the head.

Few things in this world annoy me enough to rant to this extent but I would put animal abuse at the top of the list. Okay... all done for today's bitchfest. Wish me luck on my possible employment! I think this will be the perfect job to allow me to grow as a professional individual while still enjoying my career. Plus it would give me lots of time to work on writing :D 

UPDATE: Rachel just called me and guess what! I GOT THE JOB!!!


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