3.5 Stars
I didn't love this movie but I didn't hate it either. It was better than most but no where near the top on my list of top fave movies. Although, the huntsman was hot! I could watch & listen to that man any day of the week! Yummo! I am not the biggest Kristen Stewart fan... has nothing to do with twilight, but her as an actress. No matter what emotion she is evoking or character she is playing, her face/expression never changes. She always has this glazed over look in her eyes with the half opened mouth showing off some tooth action. I just don't get the appeal but whatever. She's the billionaire not me; must be doing something right. There wasn't a whole lot of dialog in this movie either. I never felt connected to any of the characters. Even the evil witch mother-in-law... which I thought I was going to love to hate. But nope... nothing. It just needed more, not sure what, but needed more of something. I enjoyed it but probably wouldn't recommend paying to go see it? I'd say wait till it was out for rental. My favorite part was definitely the hot huntsman! I'd sit through it again just to watch that hunky man in action. Anyways, that's about all I have as a review for this movie. It was good but just wasn't for me. I thought it could of been way better than it was simply by lead character choice and missing dialog. But what do I know, right? Just my opinion... hope this helps you in one way or the other. Did I mention the huntsman was way hot!?!?!?!



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