I am in the process of dividing up the chapters in Falling. It wouldn't be so bad if I would stop rewriting while I am doing it. The more I read it the more I see things I need to fix. I'm sure every artist of any kind is never completely satisfied with their creation... but serious, I have to stop at some point. This can't be healthy :)

I did however decided to change the ending. . . I want to make a sequel that will give you answers to why Rosalee fell through time to begin with. I had to add some foreshadowing so that I can tie in the theme for the next book. Hope you will understand where the book is going but not be able to see it coming. If that makes sense?

As soon as I get  the first few chapters back from the editor I will post them on here. I would love to get some feedback! So keep an eye out on my Facebook page or my GoodReads page for updates. I am tempted to put up some of it now, but I want it to be perfect first. Sorry. . . I know waiting stinks. Trust me, I know, because I am waiting along with you all.

I just want to thank  everyone ahead of time for all of their support! I really can't wait for you to read the book and let me know what you think!

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