My editor will start the editing process on June 6th!!! Hopefully in less than a week I will have her initial review of my book. Then after about two weeks, I should have her 1st complete comprehensive edit of my book. From their I will make my changes and send my book out to my beta readers! Before the end of June I am hoping to have all my feed back from my beta readers and my editor together for the final rough draft. I will once again hand it over to my editor to see if any changes are needed. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, I will start to upload it onto all the e-book sites for purchase beginning in July! I will have the book free for probably a month or more then bump the price to 99cents. It will all depend on the overall success of the book when I will start the second book in the series. I am super excited to get this process going! I can't wait to hear what my editor suggests and what my beta readers think of my book.

I just want to thank everyone for all of their love and support during this process. Without you pushing and guiding me through this, I don't know if I would have been able to do it. I wrote the book because I felt like it was something different that was missing from the vampire book community. The story came to me and I felt the need to put it on paper or word doc. (however you want to say it). I hope my readers will see the difference this book has to main stream vampire books. I personally believe that Indie Authors write the best books. They are in a class all of their own. There is no giant publishing company telling you what to read and how it should be written. My book is just that - MY BOOK! I get to make up the characters and I get to have them do whatever I fell is best for the book. The more I think about things the less I want to pitch my book to the main stream publishing companies. I would have to find one that was not going to change my ideas or force me to fit into the mold they think people like to read. Trust be it told, INDIE AUTHORS do it best!



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