I can't believe it's really been 7 months since I last updated on my page. Wow! I guess life just gets in the way sometimes. I've been wanting to write lately but just haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I've had so many rewrites of Falling that I don't know if I even want to publish it right now. I'm thinking of just starting fresh with a new book and new ideas. I've got several things floating around in my head so who knows what might come spilling out. I've also started up with my arts & crafts website again. so you should go check it out it at leannataylordesigns.weebly.com!

leanna taylor you might ask... well thats another thing about nl dufour books that might be getting a revamp. I think I might got with a "fake" name instead of initials. so be on the lookout for that as well.

Casey and I will be relocating soon (April 2014) to a new area of the US. Location unknown... fun, right?!?! Hopefully they will let us know soon so we can start planning. Anyways, once the move takes place I am hoping that my craft business will generate enough income that I won't need to work. If that happens that I can actually have time to write! YAY! BTW I'm super excited about that :D So cross your fingers and go buy something lol.

My goal is to be able to write full-time and work in craft orders along the way. I just want to be doing something that I enjoy for once in my life. I feel like a lost sole wondering around trying everything out and hoping it fits. I wish money wasn't an issue so I could just stay and home and do everything I enjoy, but we all know the world just doen't work like that. How people work, have kids and enjoy hobbies is beyond me! I have time in my day to sleep, eat, work and be lazy. *really, for everyone's own safety I need lazy-nikki time*

Let's just hope and wish that I get to do this full time and can finally be "happy" with the job I have to do everyday. And thank you Casey for being so loving and supporting with everything! I was extremely nervous to shell out money to build a stock of items to start selling online and at local craft fairs. I don't want to sink a bunch of money into something and it be a total flop. But i asked my husband and his response was, "nikki... spend the money." Gotta love a man who is trained that good! He really knows how to make me feel like a lucky girl. So thats what I will be doing tomorrow (shopping!) and this weekend (craf


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