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Witchcraft by Emma Mills

I have talked to Emma Mills on several occasions and she is a very sweet girl who just happens to be a bad ass author : ) I fell in love with her first book, Witchblood, by the cover alone. It was so beautiful yet disturbing I had to investigate. Thank goodness I did because the book was pretty amazing. The last few chapters are what make the book in my opinion. It let me saying... OMG... WTF... NO WAY! Yep it was that mind blowing at the end. But I won't give away any secrets because you need to go read it!

Okay... so onto Witchcraft! This one started out a little slow for me but that might be because it's been so long since I read the first book. But it quickly picked up speed and adventure leaving me happy with the progress. First off I like the main character, Jessie, because she isn't weak. She isn't scared to defy anyone and everything. I hate a weak little crybaby leading female. She isn't perfect but that just makes her easy to relate to. I can't decide on if I like Daniel or not... still up in the air. However, I am fairly certain I dislike Luke, a lot. He pisses me off because you can't want what you didn't try to have and protect. If you toss Jessie to the side knowing Daniel will be their to mend her broken heart, then you can't crying about it. Suck it up! Anyways... the book was amazing and I read it in like a day and a half. Easy read that doesn't leave you bored. The end was once again another cliff hanger but this time I know she {author} is just toying with my emotions. I don't believe for one second that's how it's going to end but she just might surprise me. I'm looking forward to finding out though!!!

So if you like vampires {and who doesn't} and if you like witches {how can you not} then you will enjoy this book. There are other magically being but I don't want to toss out any possible spoilers. It is written by a girl in Europe and the book is set throughout Europe so some of the terms and slang words are foreign but they don't take away from the storyline. It's a refreshing breath of air to see a different piece of the world through her character's eyes. American's do make a small appearance and somehow I foresee a trip to the States in the next book.

Hope this helps you decide if this is something you might enjoy or not. Gotta support the other Indie Author's out there that are as nice as this one is! She has always been supportive of me and never failed to say thank you when I complimented her or ignored an e-mail or fb post. That says a lot about someone's character and those are the little things that I think take people farther in this life. You treat others how you wish to be treated... and it will find a way of repaying you for you humble and sweet attitude. Emma - Good luck with this book and keep me updated on the next book! By the way... the cover art just keeps getting better and better!

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