The Changelings by Elle Casey

I am currently reading The Changelings by Elle Casey - I am only 17% through so I can't really give a decent view just yet. So far, so good! I saw on Samantha Young's facebook that Elle Casey was having a special on Amazon for the book to be free. If you are interested in buying her book, I linked the picture to the amazon website. Also, I linked Samantha Young's website page to her name above. I just finished Samantha's series The Warrior's of Ankh - Blood Will Tell, Blood Past, & Shades of Blood.A very, very, very good series that is quite different than anything I have ever read. This was my first time reading any of her books and I was pleased with The Warrior's of Ankh series. I would highly recommend that series to anyone interested in new type of Paranormal Romance kinda genre to read. I haven't read any of her others so if you have, let me know what I should read next. When I saw her promote this book I figured it was free so it wouldn't hurt to try it. Check out my GoodReads page for my updates on the book @ http:goodreads.com/user/show/8786931-n-l-dufour


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