Over the past 24 hours I have had to make some tough decisions regarding my editing. I have decided to change editors due to some miscommunication with my previous copy-editor. I have however found a new Editing Company to work on Falling for me. Although this will affect the release date since the project will not start until June 6th now, I believe it is for the best. I will now be working with Alexis from Word Vagabond Editing Services. I am excited for this change and hope that it will be the best for me as an author and my book. This editing company has edited several other popular indie authors and cater to self-publishing first time writers. I found this company by looking at Elle Casey's webpage after finishing the first book in the Fae War series. Alexis and company were the editors that she went with for this series and a few of her other books. Since I enjoyed her book so much I investigated the link and contacted Word Vagabond regarding services. I have been contacting via e-mail with Alexis and should be starting this process with her in the upcoming week. Sorry for any delay this might have in my book release, but as I said, I do believe this was for the best.


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