Not much is going on with Falling right this minute. My editor won't start working on it till June 6th. But I think I want to change a few things before then. I know... I know... I really need to stop but something just came to me and I think it will help the book. I am super excited to get it back from her so that I can hand it to my beta readers (Carrie K., Zeena K., Rin C., Kat, Ashely E., Tiffany R., Deann M., Grace R., & Brittany R.). I think I am more excited to have them read the book than the editor. Thank you girls for offering your time and services! I really appreciate it! I have a few friends, a few bloggers, and a few random people all in the mix so that I can get a good idea of what needs to be fixed or what needs to be enhanced etc. This way I can have some unbiased opinions on what I need to change. Those suggestions along with my editor's recommendations will be rolled up into my ideas to create the final product!!!

I am torn
on whether or not I want to start writing now or wait until I get all of my edits done with Falling. I don't want to be distracted by either one. I think it's probably best that I hold off on writing until I can complete Falling and put it on the market. Then I haven't decided if I want to write my murder mystery thriller book or the second book "vampire cowboy" book, Crash (working title). I have tons of ideas of what I want to happen and where I want the second book to go. I will need to do some research because I will say this much, there will be traveling :D Choices Choices Choices. Mostly, I think, it will depend on the outcome of Falling. If I have a loud outcry for answers then I might start Crash next. I guess only time will tell!

Anyways... I have an interview tomorrow for the city's arts and activities center! It's on a temporary position, I'm guessing throughout the summer, but I think it will be good for me. I'm excited to be working with kids and families etc. I love arts and crafts so this would be the best summer job ever! Plus it would still give me plenty of time to work on writing and once summer is over I will have a better idea about how my writing will be. IE. full-time career or part-time hobby. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... let it by full-time career or at least part-time career! Husband's on his way home, first time I think I've seen him while the sun was out in over a week (he is in the army). Going to spend some time with my love then finish reading the fae war series.


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