4 out of 5 stars

I finished reading The Changelings by Elle Casey last night. Amazing little book! Different from anything else I've read in a while. I am not the type of book reviewer that goes into character descriptions or plot details. I save those for the pros! I just like to write a short review telling you if it is worth the read or not.

The book is funny and exciting! It will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. The characters are all so different and you can't help but fall in love with them. I am personally a Spike fan - when you read it, you will see why : )  I bought the second book last night and will start reading it today. There are parts of the book that you will laugh out loud at. Jayne, the main character, is a hilarious girl with a sharp tongue. You is the ideal female lead character that I love to read about. She is feisty and a rebel. Jayne doesn't take crap from anyone and she totally kicks ass every chance she gets. I promise this will be a book that keeps you interested from the first page till the last page.



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