I am rewriting the ending of Falling. The editor wants my book by the weekend so she can start on it. I am trying extremely hard to get everything done before Friday gets here. I did however decide on an e-book cover! Hope yall like it because I do! Thank you Jessica Gill (elance graphic designer - contact @ https://www.elance.com/s/jgill5/) She is an amazing artist and is very, very easy to work with! I highly recommend her!

I'm redeveloping Harlan and Rosalee's relationship. I felt like their love story was too easy. My characters have more depth than to be so easy to read and clueless/reckless. I want to make sure my readers can relate to my characters. I want my readers to cry with Rosalee and be mad at Harlan when he acts stupid. I want my readers to be excited when Rosalee finally accepts Harlan for being a vampire. I want my readers to be scared with Harlan when he tries to tell her the truth.

I guess at some point I am going to need to stop writing and just go with what I've created. I'll never finish is I keep changing things. Although, I do think these recent changes make the story ten times better than before. After this re-write I am giving it over to Jill to start to copy-editing. She is the expert so I know everything will be taken care of and she will help guide me in the right direction with my first book.



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