contest #1
Kindle giveaway

I was thinking about hosting a Kindle Giveaway and need some advice? What do you think should be the winning factor in the contest? A trivia game with the highest score? Maybe someone who submits the best short story? The person who helps promote my upcoming book the most (ie. like page, comment on blog, share on facebook etc.) or something else? I am willing to buy and mail a Kindle to the winner; I just need to find the perfect contest for it. Please let me know what you think? You can e-mail me your contest ideas at

Contest #2
create a character

Falling Book 2 - the winner will help create, name, and form the perfect character in my next book. Whether you want to go dark and make the bad guy or if you want to find Rosalee's best friend, Zoey, a man of her own. I'll give you full range to help me create a character for the second book in the Falling Series. Give me some ideas



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