I've been working on my rewrite of Falling and I must say that it keeps getting better and better! I love the progress that I'm making with Rosalee & Harlan's relationship. Decided to take it down a different path and I am nearly finished. I can't wait to have it all done so that I can publish it! I hate that it's taken longer than expected but my job {husband insists that I have to work until I make it big} has been getting in the way of my writing.

I took some time away from the book and just focused on reading to give me inspiration. I have read so many books this last week or two that I can't even keep count. But now I am ready to get working on Falling for you guys to enjoy! Hopefully I can post a teaser soon so that ya'll can get another taste of Rosalee's life.

Well, let me get back to writing since I left off at an interesting spot in the book. I've also decided to change the both from both Rosalee & Harlan's POV to just Rosalee's. Then I am going to take what I've written thus far and continue to edit it for a spin off book for Harlan's POV. Well I hope this little update helps because I have been horrible about keeping people updated latel



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