I am having a love-hate relationship with my book right now. I can't decide if I should take time away from it so that I can gain some prospective or is I should go through and do more edits? The editor is going to be starting her review next week and part of me thinks I should wait for her input. Honestly, I think I've been to into writing the book and have forgotten why I am writing it. Does that make sense? I am worried I am telling Rosalee & Harlan's stories rather than showing my reader their story. I am torn! I am doing my best to resist the urge to open my book and fix things. Maybe getting my editor's point of view will help me get some piece of mind. I feel like I am going crazy thinking about it!

I vow to not touch my book again until Sunday. I think two days will be plenty of time for me to read a few books and get a better idea of what I might be doing wrong with my book. I've been told that to be a good writer, you need to read twice as much as you write. Makes sense to me!

Ohhh. . . btw, today I am going with my friend Dee to get my nose pierced! I am super excited! I had it back in college but took it out for a really stupid reason, stupid boy actually. This time I am getting it and keeping it because it's what I want :) Plus, I now have the most amazing husband who supports me in everything I do. His words exactly when I told him about it, "Whatever makes you happy, Baby!" Man. . . I love that boy!

Girls - he does have a brother, but he is gay :( Sorry, I got the only good (straight) one in the bunch!  It's okay to be jealous. . . I would be if I were you - jk - I really am very blessed to have such an amazing man in my life. I certainly don't know what I did to get someone as great as he is. Whatever it was, I'm extremely thankful for it. I love you Casey!

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