The Premonition series
amy bartol

Inescapable is the first in the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. I read this book several months back as well as the second book, Intuition. Both of those books I give a 5 STAR rating! Currently I am halfway through the third book, Indebted, but I am finding it hard to enjoy as much as the first two books. I feel like the basis of the book (the premonitions) aren't even apart of this third book. It has yet to even come up!

Let me give you the basics: Evie is a freshman college student who is torn between to loves - Reed (gorgeous overbearing asshole who is too controlling, if you ask me) & Russell (southern charmer that will instantly make your mouth water, can you tell I have a favorite?). I'm not going to give away any spoilers or anything so just read the descriptions if you must know more (book covers linked to amazon) but that's the book in a nutshell. Premonitions and Fallen Angels etc. Now this is where it gets tricky... in book two you will meet Brennus (he is some vampire-type undead creature with a hot accent!) who stirs up her little love fest between Reed & Russell. I personally love Brennus! I know he is suppose to be the bad guy but I love him. I'd totally tell Reed to kiss my ass and run to the dark side to be with Brennus. Now if I had to choice between Brennus and Russell, that's a different story. I'm going to need some serious thinking time on that one. I love me some Russell!

Okay so in the third book Brennus is back again (YAY!) and I have fallen more and more in love with him. Then I have fallen more in love with Russell and have officially decided I hate Reed. Unless Reed does something amazing in the last half of the book, I don't think my mind will be changing on the I hate Reed status. I am trying my hardest to get into the third book because I love Evie, Russell, and Brennus! I want to know what happens but I feel conflicted. Something about this book, and I can't quite put my finger on it, is turning me off. I almost want to stop where I am and make up the ending so I can be content. IDK... I feel like this book has left the whole idea of premonitions and fallen angels and went in the opposite direction. New creatures are being introduced and killed off and more people are trying to hunt down Evie. Now all of a sudden she can do all this crazy shit she never could do before along with my buddy, Brennus. I feel like it's all being made up as it goes along and left the idea of the series in the dust. Maybe after I finish reading the book my mind will change; I'll keep you updated on it :D The book is well written and tells a great story it's just not the story that I feel is right for this book series. My opinion and I could be way off - who knows! I would still read the first two because they are wonderful reads! After that you can decide if you want to read the third book... but defiantly read the first two because I loved those!  

UPDATE: my goodreads review of indebted-book 3

i wish i wouldn't have read this book to be honest. i felt like i was forcing myself to just finish it so that i could have some type of closure. i loved the first two books and this one was a major disappointment. sometimes i think you just need to wrap up a story and have a happy ending... too much of a good thing is still too much. the only thing i did really like about this book was how much evie kicked ass. she didn't let reed push her around this time! she went behind his back and did what she needed to do and then she stood up to him when he tried to get in the way... go evie! reed really pisses me off. he is overbearing and controlling! i was proud of evie by the end of the book and annoyed that reed was whining about how she "hurt" him during the process. suck it up angel, you aren't suppose to be an asshole who makes her feel guilty for helping people... isn't that the point of the angels? she needed to pick russell in book 1 and i would of died happy knowing she didnt end up with a jackass. i love brennus... sick and twisted, i know, but he is so freaking lovable! if she wasn't going to end up with her soul mate then she should of atleast turned to the dark side and hooked up with brennus! i probably wont be reading the 4th book; sometimes you just have to pretend that it ends differently in your head then it actually plays out - bc i hate evie being with reed! im just going to pretend that evie hooks up with brennus then runs back into the arms of her true love, russell and i dont even cares what happens to reed as long as he is gone. i've never hated the good guy in a book this much. i wanted to like this book, i really did, but it just wasn't for me.



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