Louisiana & loving it!

I'm home in Louisiana for a few days spending time with my best friends and family. I hate the 10 hour drive but I love the feeling of being home. Nothing beats a day of shopping and lunch with my two best friends from jr high school or swinging my nieces around until we are dizzy. Seeing them for just a few minutes makes me realize how much I miss being so far away. Everytime I see my sister's little girls it's like they grew over night. They are taller and more mature looking - learning to talk and walk one visit and the next they are wearing big girl panties. I hate that I can't be around to watch them grow :( I have 10 neices and nephews but to be honest I do have a few favorites.

Plus, I am a huge dady's girl so I love getting spoiled for a few days while I visit. Just finished showing my mom how to use the kindle app for her ipad (shes dying to read my book) and in case I haven't said this before, but I HATE Apple Iphones and Ipad etc. They confuse the hell out of me and I end up wanting to toss them across the room! It probably would of been easier to upload my e-book to IBook store then it was to show her how to work that stupid Ipad. But on a good note I did get a nice home cooked meal - YUMMY :) Also had my nails painted by a 4 year old so you can just imagine how wonderful they look! I don't have two nails that are the same color but beautiful none the least.

Bridemaids shoes search was a bust! Went all over Baton Rouge looking for the right shoes but couldn't find a single pair. I did however get my measurements and ordered my dress so I can check that off the list. My best friend, Carrie, is getting married this November in New Orleans. CAN'T WAIT!!! Also want to give a little shout out to her fiance for his recent job!!! Whoop Whoop! Looks like I wont be the only one who is starting a new job this month. Got to hang out with my besties Carrie & Tiffany all day! I love how we can spend so much time apart and pick up right were we left off at. True friendship :D I can honestly say that I only have a handful of real friends and I woulnd't change that for anything. It's better to have Quality rather than Quanity.

Planning on spending tomorrow with my family while being as lazy as possible. I should be starting my job on Monday depending on my drug screening results. HR said that it should only take a few days so hopefully I will find out on Friday. For some reason the city on likes to start dates on Mondays. Weird. So if my results aren't in by then I will have to wait until the following Monday. I am excited to start my new job! But I am sad to know that my lazy days are over. No more sleeping late or reading all afternoon.  I'll have to start waking up early and being productive... yay! But this just means that I will have more money to spend shopping! Gotta love that!



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