I finished my revisions of Falling last night! I changed a few things here and there... I think I made it better, but we shall see. I will be e-mailing it to my editor tonight after one last read through. I am so nervous! This will be the first time anyone has read my book from start to finish. My stomach is flopping around just thinking about it! What if people hate it? What if no one even wants to read it? What if my editor gives it back to me and says, "you need serious help, this book sucks!" I doubt Jill will say that but its still in the back of my mind. I am worried that it will be a failure :( I don't care if a make a penny off the book as long as people enjoy reading it and want more from me. Falling will leaving you saying WTF and begging for the second book to get answers. Hope this will make people bond with my characters and wander about their outcomes. I have picked several beta readers but could still use a few more. If anyone is interested please e-mail me at nldufour_books@yahoo.com!

05/26/2012 3:22am

I found your book description on Goodreads and came on over to find out more.

I don’t think you're fears are irrational- every one fears failure; More so when you put so much of yourself out there. I read somewhere that when you write you weave pieces of your soul into it... Something like that. That your essence is so much a part of the book....

Well, I'll admit that when I started reading the description I was a little like WTF! But I'll admit I simply misunderstood something. By the time I finished reading the description I was definitely intrigued. I'm not a huge e-book person but I will definitely give your book a try. And best of luck!

05/26/2012 2:42pm

Thanks Tiffany! I'm excited you will read it! What about the description was confusing? If its off let me know what I can do to fix it please. It's just the one I typed up, I'm going to get my editor to help me create the one I'm going to use once it comes out. Any reader input is helpful! Thank you so much for checking out my website! You have no idea bow great it feels when I check my stats and see ppl actually listed my page. Makes me the happiest person knowing lol are taking time out of their day to look at my website. Means a lot and thanks!

05/27/2012 10:27am

I am very excited for you!

Oh, and if you want me to read I can read your book :) As you know my schedule is tight, so I'll try to beta read the whole thing. But let me know if you want my comments on specific sections, so I will be sure to beta read those (I'll read the whole book anyways, cause it's awesome).


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