I've been ignoring you all and I'm sorry but I have been on a reading binge this past week. I think I read like 8 books this week alone. Yeah... sad I know! I just keep reading one after the other and they were all so good that I couldn't make myself stop.

I've only stopped today because it was Pamper Nikki Day. You know, lunch with my bestie, massage, and then mani/pedi to top it off. Can't say that I wanted to read more than I wanted to spoil myself because that would just be a flat out lie. It's a toss up between beauty and books for this little girl!

I will be posting reviews soon of all the ones I read since my last book blog review. Lets see... I read a lot of Abbi Glines (Because of Low/Vincent Boys/Vincent Brothers) & I read Morgan Rice's book Turned. It seems like I'm missing one but I can't for the life of me remember off hand.

BTW... totally off topic and all - my cat is tearing up two of my dogs. You would think the one who is completely deaf and partially blind wouldn't be so bold but you would be wrong. I'm pretty sure she is the bad ass in the group. She loves to mess with that cat and he doesn't hesitate to slap her in the head. I think he enjoys it more than she does to be honest. Big ol' mean kitty cat beating up on that poor lil' handicapped dog - he should be ashamed but nope... he's chilling on the coffee table waiting for round two! The two big ones are napping; enjoying the AC I'm sure. The little boy one, well he is just trouble to begin with. Hence the husband mending the fences out side because they broke out this morning and decided to go on an adventure! Thank goodness the neighbor found them because they had went down the road and into the pond and took a little dip to cool themselves off I guess. She found them between that neighbors house and her house so she kept them occupied until Casey could climb over the fence and toss them back over. You might be asking why not just drive down the road and ask the neighbor if we can be let into their back pasture but it's simple really. Last time they were caught chasing chickens after their little skinny dipping adventure (this was I know a year ago, but I'm not gunna chance it). We live in a small po-dunk town and people aren't opposed to shooting a stray dog or two causing trouble! The only reason I didn't beat their little asses this morning was one because it was 8am on a Saturday and two because the deaf/blind one was missing! Yeah, mama wasn't too happy to only count 3 little runaways at the crack of dawn on her day off. I left Casey to clean up that mess while I ran back to the house and prayed that Kennedy was okay. All I could think of was the worst possible things and I'm pretty sure I suffered a mild heart attack. Especially when I got in the back yard and she was no where to be seen. I lost it then but luckily I found her curled up in her dog house sleeping like a baby. Thank goodness she is deaf and must of missed them breaking out or else I would hate to know what might of happened. The other three little bastard kids are seriously in the dog house from here on out. The invisible fence will be going back up as well as a fort knox security of stones/railroad ties/stakes etc to hold their butts in our yard!

Okay... so anyway as you can tell I've been a busy little bee this week so I'm behind on my blogging. I am hosting a get-together tonight so I don't know when I'll be up and running again. Hold on and wait for me though because I'll be back in no time and ready to share plenty of reviews with you!


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