I am once again in love with my book. Thank goodness! It was torture hating my book over the past few days. I was nearly ready to scrap the entire thing and start over. I've read about four books over the weekend and it has helped me redirect my book to where it needs to go.

After seeing Charlaine Harris this Saturday at her book signing in Austin, Texas - I have a new found excitement to finish my book. In case you have never met her or know who she is, shes the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels aka the HBO show True Blood is based off of. Anyways, she is the nicest lady ever! As Elizabeth would say, "Shes like a slice of home!" The last question she answered was about advice for up-in-coming authors!!! She said what I have always heard but she put it even better! She said to read everything you can get your hands on. The good and the bad and be able to tell the difference. Read and break down the books you like and understand why they are so amazing. Know what makes a good book good and a bad book bad. Then when you have an idea to lock yourself away and write. Total inspiration! Love love love her!!!!!

I am about 1/4th of the way through re-editing my book for like the fifth time! This time I have more passion and have added a lot of new things. The Editor, Jill, will be able to start assisting me starting next week! I have so much to do over the next month and a half! I really am hoping to have this book ready for Amazon - Barnes & Nobles - Smashwords - LuLu - and other online bookstores by the end of the month. As soon as I get the first 15% of the book edited I will be posting it on my website, facebook, and on goodreads so don't forget to check it out!

Also, I want to come up with a contest that will allow the winner to have their name featured in my murder-mystery book coming out this Fall/Winter. I have the basic outline for the novel and the cast names but I will be needing a reporter for the book... perfect place for a fan's name to go. I will be thinking about ways to create a contest and have it posted asap. Then I would like to do another contest were the winners will be able to get an advanced copy of Falling. Stay toned!



05/18/2012 7:17am

Haha did you see my competition on Witchbloodthenovel.com? I did the exaact same thing - it went really well. I announced my winner last month & they are a character in Witchcraft. :-)


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