I just finished up the 'biting' part and am now onto the climax of the story line. It is so close to being finished that I am starting to get nervous! I talked with a copyeditor yesterday who is writing up a proposal offer for me. She is based out of New York and has a million books she has edited for other authors. I am so excited to work with her! (Thanks Jill)

I had sent her a sample copy of the book so she could estimate the amount of time and work it needed and said she was surprised by how amazing my writing it. She couldn't believe this was my first book that I wrote in a months time with zero previous experience. It felt so good for a professional to actually say those things. Not that I don't trust my friends and family, but ya'll are kind of obligated to sugarcoat some. Jill said that typically when she is working with an author they will go through about 7 revisions along the way. When I asked her how many she thought mine would take before it could be published... she said 2 or 3 TOPS! How amazing is that! She said it all depends on how much editing I want done and how much structure needs to be corrected. Jill said from the 20 or so pages that I emailed her, that overall I was on a good start as far as character development and structure. She said that you really could get a sense of my characters right off the bat and she sounded excited to work with me on it!

Yesterday I drove down to Austin to hang out with Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Cody. She has a few artist friends that she is going to get in contact with for my book cover. When I told her my cover idea, she totally freaked saying that was exactly how she had pictured it too! You have no idea how excited I am about this book coming out and I can't wait for everyone to read it!!!!!


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