I am currently staying in Louisiana visiting my family so the review will be posted on Sunday! (hopefully) I do start my job Monday so I might be slower getting things done on my site but please bear with me! Thanks!!! I am going to test out a bunch of the products tonight for a dinner with my parents & husbands parents! Gotta look my best so I can't wait to play with all my new products! Hopefully I can use several so that I can give you a well-rounded review on half of the products I bought. Please stay tuned to see my thoughts on my beauty spurge this past weekend!

Also... I have some serious Adult Acne that is not wanting to go away no matter what I try on it. I've never had a problem my enntire life with acne so this is hard for me. I don't know what I'm doing so I've tried toners, gels, creams, and lotions etc! You name it I've recently bought it and it has failed me : (  I don't think I have the typical acne but rather whiteheads - like these tiny bumps along my jaw line from my chin to my temples with a random pimple here and there. I've decided to go with the Skin ID program and have it being mailed to me. I figured since it's more specific to my type of acne it might work better than the Proactiv. It's a money-back trial so if it fails me then I'll order the much-loved Proactiv. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!?!?! I will be sure to add on my blog the Skin ID (plus questions to my skin indicating why i got the formula i did) and keep you updated on the results! I hope this works because I can't stand this feeling! Yuck! Should have the product in next week or so... I'll let you know what I think after the first week of trying it out. If you have used it before please let me know your thoughts on it! THANKS!

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