Since this is my first beauty blog I figured I would start out with letting you know all of my favorite hair products and make-up. Now cute me some slack because these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they aren't the best quality. Along with that, the products are half used because they are my all time favorites. From this point on I should be able to just blog about the new products that I've bought to test drive. I'll post my latest haul from target and ulta next. I figured the best way to start this is to make a slideshow for each type of beauty item - ie: hair - makeup - clothes etc. I will list in the captions the name and colors that are shown. I will also list the items by brand at the end of this posting. Hope this gives you a few ideas of what works best. Please let me know your thoughts and give me suggestions on products to try next. Enjoy!

Okay... So I started to cheat and copy pictures off the product's website. You kinda get a half & half but you get the jest of it. I will list in detail tomorrow all of the brands and colors that I use the most!

Make Up!!!

Hair products!!!


06/10/2012 11:38am

Love the blog! What's your fav mascara? Def want them to look full but not clumpy.

06/14/2012 12:40pm

I use Wen by Chad dean, I know it is
More expensive but it is well worth the extra you spend.They have packages of 8 that, they call travel packages.A great way to try every kind for only $30.00 plus shipping fee.I use. "Sweet Almond Mint." I love it, my Color lastes longer and I can see new hair growth.Just giving you something to think about.They don't have it at Ulta I order mine from QVC.


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